ang xaris na bituin (xalai) wrote,
ang xaris na bituin


I'm supposed to be doing rather important stuff yet here I am, trying to make sense of why I insist on clicking on post when I know I have a hard time collecting thoughts and putting them into words.

I watched Up yesterday. Being the sentimental crybaby that I am, the beginning of the movie proved my tear ducts capable of producing that much liquid. I may have cried throughout the whole thing. Something about Ellie and Carl make me want to believe in that silly little thing called... let's not name it, you know what it is.

I have apprehensions of saying that word out loud. I think it's reserved only for the divine. But what do I know, I have yet to figure out the counterpart.


Kinda sounds like BLAH BLAH BLAH. hahaha.

I shut up now.

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