ang xaris na bituin (xalai) wrote,
ang xaris na bituin

happy Tito Bob day!

i know his body is in a marble urn but i always imagine him bounding up in church one day and asking what he missed.

i'd steer him to the buffet table because i know this event is cause for a feast. and then i'd tell him about the time i finally led praise and worship.

he'd shake my shoulders and say 'sabi ko naman sa'yo eh!' he always bugged me about that. he'd say nice things and end with mana ka talaga sa mommy mo. he had the sense not to say out loud sa tatay ko ako nagmana. haha.

but then of course i'd be competing with everyone else in church. they had after all missed him, too. more than i miss him.

i keep thinking i don't and so i rewire my brain into being so sure of meeting him one day soon that i won't have to think about his being gone.

he's just around the corner. like, he'll show up and start telling us about this new place he's in.

hey tito bob, you should see the new building, it's super cool. :)

tito, did you do something to your hair? LOL :)


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