ang xaris na bituin (xalai) wrote,
ang xaris na bituin

a dream is a wish

There has been a lot going on but there are lull times, too. I blame the lack of wifi in our office for my cyber silence and karma suicide. And when I do get valuable internet time, I end up being too swamped with senselessness that I fail to keep my thoughts in order. I thank twitter and plurk for accepting the one-liners I cannot, for the life of me, put together in a coherent/cohesive entry.

It amazes me how I get everything (or most things) I want. My joys are simple, really. It is even more astounding that despite of me, I get divinely spoiled. I'd like to think that God spoils me. Emphasis on think. I like the thought. :)

If I should begin telling you about the great things that happened between this blog and the last, I would not know where or how to start.

Here's one thing though. In college, when I would go up to Baguio early Monday mornings and pass by the Timog fly-over, I'd look out the window and tell the GMA tower that someday, I will work there. And here I am, three years later.

Believe you me, dreams do come true. :)


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