February 24th, 2010


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This guy over here...

Did my hair and make up here...

And, he's not gay.

Galeng noh?


Anyway, that was my story assignment for this Sunday's MJ episode. Straight men for hairdressers. It's pretty cool how these tattooed, manginginom mamang maton make great hairstylists. Kakatuwa ang kanilang dedikasyon sa art.

This segment is also the world premiere of my eyebrows, see it's so linis, I had to undergo threading for the first time for the love of the show. Haha. It hurts but I look fabulous. I was super trying hard not to cry, I hope the cameraman was nice enough not to zoom in on my tears. :'( My segment producer had to remind me to quit yapping but I can't help making comments because I had to keep my mind off the pain. LOL. Oh but it was worth it.