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This guy over here...

Did my hair and make up here...

And, he's not gay.

Galeng noh?


Anyway, that was my story assignment for this Sunday's MJ episode. Straight men for hairdressers. It's pretty cool how these tattooed, manginginom mamang maton make great hairstylists. Kakatuwa ang kanilang dedikasyon sa art.

This segment is also the world premiere of my eyebrows, see it's so linis, I had to undergo threading for the first time for the love of the show. Haha. It hurts but I look fabulous. I was super trying hard not to cry, I hope the cameraman was nice enough not to zoom in on my tears. :'( My segment producer had to remind me to quit yapping but I can't help making comments because I had to keep my mind off the pain. LOL. Oh but it was worth it.


I'm supposed to be doing rather important stuff yet here I am, trying to make sense of why I insist on clicking on post when I know I have a hard time collecting thoughts and putting them into words.

I watched Up yesterday. Being the sentimental crybaby that I am, the beginning of the movie proved my tear ducts capable of producing that much liquid. I may have cried throughout the whole thing. Something about Ellie and Carl make me want to believe in that silly little thing called... let's not name it, you know what it is.

I have apprehensions of saying that word out loud. I think it's reserved only for the divine. But what do I know, I have yet to figure out the counterpart.


Kinda sounds like BLAH BLAH BLAH. hahaha.

I shut up now.

to do

Call it whatever but I seriously want to die this year.

Wala naman akong problema o mabigat na suliranin, gusto ko lang talaga mamatay.


Sana lang nasa tono itong mga nangangaroling sa labas ng bahay namin.

Hindi ba nila alam na napakaganda ng dahilan kung bakit may K silang mangaroling, este mambulahaw, sa bawat bahay na daanan nila? Mali na nga lyrics, mali pa enunciation, punctuation at breathing.

Krismas na. Konting oras na lang.


happy Tito Bob day!

i know his body is in a marble urn but i always imagine him bounding up in church one day and asking what he missed.

i'd steer him to the buffet table because i know this event is cause for a feast. and then i'd tell him about the time i finally led praise and worship.

he'd shake my shoulders and say 'sabi ko naman sa'yo eh!' he always bugged me about that. he'd say nice things and end with mana ka talaga sa mommy mo. he had the sense not to say out loud sa tatay ko ako nagmana. haha.

but then of course i'd be competing with everyone else in church. they had after all missed him, too. more than i miss him.

i keep thinking i don't and so i rewire my brain into being so sure of meeting him one day soon that i won't have to think about his being gone.

he's just around the corner. like, he'll show up and start telling us about this new place he's in.

hey tito bob, you should see the new building, it's super cool. :)

tito, did you do something to your hair? LOL :)


Toldja I'm a Star :P

When I was seven, my very first best friend Marie and I took on a project for the pre-school we went to. The Learning Tree is where most of my happy childhood memories were built and where gifts were nourished.

I do not remember how it all started just that days after our senior kindergarten graduation, I was told to listen to a series of tapes with recorded music, learn the words that came with the melody, and meet Marie every so often to practice.

Then came the days when we had to go to a recording studio (a super feat for pre-schoolers who recently transferred to the 'big school') to sing and 'play' and sing some more. I remember thinking we were like Celine Dion (whom I did not know back then) in their video of Beauty and the Beast, singing to a hanging microphone with headsets on.

We even had an album launch. :)

On its first release, the albums were on cassette tapes. Gimme a break. It was 1992. Then after selling like, I dunno, a whole lot of copies, it is only but right to produce a CD version. So yes, Marie and I are like, platinum record holders. LOL. Of course, Teacher Francie gets props for being the mastermind in all these. :)

(Btw, did you know that she collaborated with the Megastar Sharon Cuneta in the latter's children's album? And that Miel went to the Learning Tree, which means the Megastar's daughter sang our songs, hahaha. Funny thought.)

Later, the grown ups will tell us that we liked holding hands on the way to the studio, at play, or simply to talk. Pang-Hallmark moment lang talaga. :)

You hafta squint a little better and zoom in to see our names, and recognize our faces. I'm second from the left, Marie's the pretty girl with long hair. :)

Anyway, those are the best days, weeks, months I can ever remember. One, because I got to share it with my best friend. Two, because we bonded over music. Three, hullo, we're recording artists. Four, we were probably the most spoiled first graders ever. Five, because Teacher Francie took us to all these expensive restaurants (that I thought was 'common' for most people, yun pala something I cannot afford as a grown up, LOL) and because she is such a darling.

I truly thank God for the experience for it has made a lot of things uber cool in all my years on this earth. And I absolutely praise Him for the beautiful, long-standing friendship Marie and I have. And music, I thank God for music. :)


a dream is a wish

There has been a lot going on but there are lull times, too. I blame the lack of wifi in our office for my cyber silence and karma suicide. And when I do get valuable internet time, I end up being too swamped with senselessness that I fail to keep my thoughts in order. I thank twitter and plurk for accepting the one-liners I cannot, for the life of me, put together in a coherent/cohesive entry.

It amazes me how I get everything (or most things) I want. My joys are simple, really. It is even more astounding that despite of me, I get divinely spoiled. I'd like to think that God spoils me. Emphasis on think. I like the thought. :)

If I should begin telling you about the great things that happened between this blog and the last, I would not know where or how to start.

Here's one thing though. In college, when I would go up to Baguio early Monday mornings and pass by the Timog fly-over, I'd look out the window and tell the GMA tower that someday, I will work there. And here I am, three years later.

Believe you me, dreams do come true. :)


after a month, whew.

I'd say my life right now is really fabulous but I'm too swamped with details that I do not know where to begin.
Call this entry a filler. There's nothing more to it.